"Mozart interpretation and quartet playing at its finest hour."


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
July 2015

  • Streichquartett Nr. 1 G-Dur KV 80
  • Streichquartett Nr. 17 B-Dur KV 458
  • Streichquartett Nr. 20 D-Dur KV 499


The new album MOZART Vol. 2 of the Armida Quartet will be released on 28 June 2019 on CAvi-music. The recording was co-produced by Bayrischer Rundfunk BR-KLASSIK and features KV 80, KV 458 (The Hunt) and KV 499 (Hoffmeister Quartet) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A special feature for all string quartet fans is the use of the new Mozart Urtext Edition by G.Henle Verlag!


"A composer’s manuscript obviously represents the most important stage of composition, the first valid formulation of a work. But in this case the discrepancies in the first edition are so striking that we must assume that Mozart made the changes himself, thus transcending the manuscript stage. For example, at the beginning of the development section in the first movement of the “Hoffmeister” Quartet K. 499, all previous editions indicated forte. The new Henle edition omits it, since it was added later. The Armida Quartet plays the passage pianissimo, and I find this thoroughly convincing.“ -  Wolf-Dieter Seiffert, G.Henle Verlag

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